What a feeling

Oh my, aren't these interesting days to be a queer and a Copt, eh? We have 25-years-too-late ex-gay endorsers over here, we've got medical doctors promoting illegal therapies over there, we've got fake seminaries pretending to do demographic research but really they're mobilizing a witch-hunt over to the left. Many the cast of characters keeps growing. We've got men in black, men in glasses, men who wear boxers but really wish they could just go commando. Brothers why are you giving us a bad name? I gotta say, my sisters have been showing up. I repeat. The sisters are representing strong. You know who you are.

I've been inspired this last week, to see the number of friends we have, who don't feel the same we do, but wanna march with us just the same.

There's so much to write about but let me give you the brief summary:

The Comprehensive Survey on Homosexuality

The Holy Sophia Seminary of the New York and New England diocese, has formed a questionable research department. Their third and most recent survey was entitled "Homosexuality - A Comprehensive Survey", and it was filled with biased, homophobic, disrespectful language, and a clear agenda to deal with the gay "issue" in the church.

Doctor Brainwashes Children

Give it a watch, it's both disturbing and he's slightly fun to watch:

This medical doctor is teaching a room of elementary aged kids, that gay people should undergo change therapy, in the State of New York, where performing this therapy on minors is illegal.

Allies all over
The LGBT Copts page lead me to find communities out there of supporters. We aren't alone, and this humbles me.

More on all this later.  Oh, what a feeling.