Prayers with the people of Morkosiya in Alexandria, and St. George Tanta.

While my relationship with the church has been very complicated, I know who I am and where I belong. My love for the church and her people is unshaken. No amount of struggle will make me turn my back on my people during a time like this, even if backs have been turned on me.

And shame on the sons of bitches who bombed innocent people.


  1. Hello.I am an Armenian christian youth who discover my homksexuality now.You know any gay armenian christian page/organization?God bless you!

  2. I am not a copt but have worked with many coptic christians in my health work in London uk. I am greek Orthodox ,but got to know the coptic church quite well, and loved it's liturgy and have been moved by the suffering and Death experienced by the coptic church before and now..
    But sadly the fanaticism of the anti- gay stance of the Church has appalled me with it's lack of love, obscession and unscientific views .
    That it seeks to defend it's view with a rigid backward, out of historical context ,arguement, i can only ascribe to islamic influence .
    The saddest thing is it does not make the disinction between being gay and how one acts being gay. As with being heterosexual there are life styles that are Christian And that are not. And in many respects the gay world Grindr etc is as unchristian as the heterosexual equivalent. And is aping a heterosexual relationship status proofs of anything positive for a gay couple.? But to condem a person for who they are, yes nature and nuture are intertwined. And nurture is very powerful, but to condem for who a person is, is not Christian but reflects of Hitler and nazis. but who can doubt that for most homosexuals who they are, is something known from earliest years and not be changed . We know that changing sexuality in vast number of cases does not work and causes massive angst.
    And is it not interesting that Christ, who you would have thought would have a view on this burning topic never mentioned it.
    I would very much love to communicated with copts on this Subject.


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