Let's Recap... Shall We?

Yeah, I think this picture says it all.  This is what I returned to when I logged on the other day.  But, let's step back for a moment.

A lot has happened since I've last posted, let's review:

1. I got a second job (temporarily)
2. I am single and wanting to remain so, for a long while.
3. I turned 29!   Last year before it's all over, and memory loss begins!

What can I say, I kind of dropped the ball, as they say.   Life got hectic, and I lost focus.  What brought it back?    Well, I was alerted to an influx of spam and hate-speech on our Facebook Community, and was absolutely shocked and disturbed as to what I found there.

After two hours of deleting posts that were just vile in nature, like the one above.  Reminded me of a quote by Ghandi: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."   But there is a silver lining to all this.   Having spoke to many people of various ages, it seems that this crudeness is concentrated among those in high school and college.  Most people of young adult status, who have entered into the real world, who have been broken down by the reality of life, outside of depending on their mom and dad's financial support, they become humbled and realize, that maybe they shouldn't be judging people.  I had the same lesson myself, and life sure did humble me.   I pity people like the young man, above.   Usually those who are the most aggressive towards gay people, have latent feelings of their own that they do not know how to deal with.   And people who are straight, generally are straight, and do not really care what other people do.

But yes, it's been a few busy days, cleaning up the mess of these so-called representatives of the church, but I know better, than to say that these people are the reps.  The true representatives of faith, are those who you least expect, they are the quiet meek voices, the smiling faces that greet you in the street, the helping hand to those who are week, the one who forgives easy when being wronged, the one who shares his or her meal, and the one who loves unconditionally.  These are the people I aspire to be like.   If the church had more of these people, I do not think a single gay person would have been ostracized by the communities they come from.


  1. A lot of hateful the things were said by a lot of people, even those defending this group. Why would you put this one post up alone? This is very biased and misleading as to what actually happened. What happened to the other hateful comments posted by other people? Why would you not put them up?

  2. LOL why don't you describe what actually happened then? Because from my point of view, the page was overrun, with hundreds of repeated posts, and a lot of derogatory, and hateful words, which I spent hours cleaning up. I only captured a few of them, as a reminder to those, that this is not acceptable, especially if you are claiming to represent your faith. Have some integrity.

  3. BAM! I guess he told YOU, "Anonymous"! Haha. Just kidding. Just trying to stir the pot. On the serious, that ain't cool. But glad you got all that extra press :)
    -Anonymous D

  4. Hi all i have read the verbal abuse some ppl have written, it is very sad and heart breaking, im also a Coptic and is very sad to read some of the horrible things people wrote and pointing their finger saying ur all going to hell and you are sinners and so on. i do admit that i dont agree about the life style u might lead but whom am i but sinner as well and need Gods mercy. Look how these people are treated on face book and the verbal abuse thrown at them, i hate to image what would happen if these people entered the church and told every one we are gay,would they be kicked out or stoned i hate to think. You guys are still our brothers and sisters the way u choice to leave ur lives is between you and God not humans, The house of God is open for every single one other wise no one would enter for we all carry some kind of sin deep in our hearts that we don't want to let go off. So before we judge and point our fingers we should look deep inside our hearts are we truly perfect Christians and we have the right to judge others, well my answer would be No. I really hope you guys do go to church and are welcomed by the people and the priests.

  5. My heart goes out to you! It is inexcusable on their part, what they have said & done!

    Never forget, you have allies & supporters. Both Coptic & Regular Orthodox, we must stick together and support each other.


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