Apple Says "No" To Ex-Gay Therapy

Exodus International:  God bless 'em.

But really, do we think the world is ready for a mobile app that can cure "un-wanted same sex attraction"?
I thought that was the purpose of iFart.   Who wants to be with a man who can generate gastro-flatulant noises like that?    That would have been the wiser approach for Alan Chambers, if he had gotten his marketing team in order.   You can't just join the social and mobile web, and expect to make an impact, if the shit you started with wasn't that great to begin with.

So it was Apple that decided to pull the plug on Exodus's mobile app, because it was deemed offensive to a large number of people.

On the one hand, I do see the need for freedom of speech, however, Apple is not the government.  They are a corporation, and have the right to censor as they will.   No one is stopping Exodus from existing, in fact they're a growing organization in this country with all the freedoms any other organization would have, despite the fact that many people in scientific and spiritual communities can agree that their methods are actually harming people deeply.

Now, Exodus will cry "victim", as they continue to victimize thousands of people, and take their hard earned dollars in exchange for false-promises, touch-therapy, and years of psychological anguish.

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