Look Who's Back!

Hello friends, I've been gone for quite a bit.   Work is busy and then I got very distracted by this whole Revolution situation in Egypt.   Life is tough, and I'm grateful to be here to tell about it another day.
I apologize deeply for being delinquent, I have so much to say and so much to hear from you all.  I see so many folks have joined up on the Facebook community, so awesome!

It occurred to me the other day, we have work to do.   More to follow.


  1. Welcome back! I was afraid you had jumped ship.

  2. I get that patience is a virtue but, when will that, "more" follow...?

    Hey no worries I'm bad too. Although I do have several new posts as of today if you care to peruse them. I mean...I gotta blog for somebody, ya know? ;) :p


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