Video: Gay and Christian?

I have to give props to Justin Lee of the Gay Christian Network for putting together this video series that I came across today. It's an intro to the question of how someone can be both Christian and gay.  It goes over briefly, the different views, or Side A vs. Side B.    For those of you who are questioning what the hell to do with yourself, just know it's not a one-size-fits-all situation.   Enjoy the video.  Thanks for the comments and the emails.   It's proving that we're really not alone after all.

It looks like they've also put together a video, where people are giving their testimonies. Whether you agree or not, these are human beings, these are peoples lives. Their voices deserve to be heard. Thank all of you in the video for having the courage to do this

Weekend's almost here! Have a safe and happy one, i.e. Don't do anything I would do :)