What Is A Homosexual?

In the church, you'll hear every so often an opinion about homosexuals.   "Homosexuality...", "Gay people...",  "I think so and so is gay.... ", "This is why gays should not be able to (fill in blank)"....   People use the word homosexual, and with it comes a lot of assumptions about the people behind the word.  So I want to ask my fellow parishoners and our esteemed clergy a question:

What is a homosexual?

Is a homosexual a man:  a man who has sex with men?  Constantly and insatiably?  Is a homosexual a man whose sole desire is the penetration of other men, at whatever cost?  And not just one man, but any and every man: At work, at school and on the battlefield?   Is a homosexual attracted to every man on the planet?   Is every man God's gift to the homosexual man?   

 Is a homosexual a man who has abandoned rules and adopted chaos, a man who has abandoned discipline and adopted hedonism?    Is a homosexual a man who is barely a man?

Does a homosexual man reject gender roles?   Does he eat fancy foods and live in a big house?  Will a homosexual man eventually get a dog?  Is the dog of the homosexual man exposed to the daily episodes of rampant gay sex and golden girls re-runs?   Is the dog of the homosexual man well fed or abused or is he simply an innocent victim?

Is a homosexual man a weirdo?   Is a homosexual man ignorant to societal rules, and constantly on the fringe of what is normal?   Does the homosexual man hate normality?    If normalcy is natural and humans are nature, then does the homosexual man hate what is natural, and therefore hate others as himself?

Is the homosexual a man only known as a gay man.

Is a homosexual man weak?   Does he throw like a girl and kiss like a boy?    Does he break like a toothpick in the absence of joy?  Does he bruise like a peach and play with girl toys? 

Is a homosexual man, the enemy of God?   Does he sit in his room, petting his cat, and plotting the next attack to the Creator and his people?

Is a homosexual man a man who likes men, and by men, I mean boys?   

Is a homosexual man, trapped in a marriage to a woman he loves…  to email every once in a while?

Is a homosexual man, a man who has friends who are more than just friends, only they think they're just friends, but to him they're best friends, and his girlfriend get jealous but thinks: well, boys will be boys!  Does the homosexual man dream of his friend?  Does he steal glances at the gym?  Extra long glances at the gym?

Or is a homosexual man, confused and needs Jesus?   10 Hail Mary's to please Us.

Is a homosexual man, the only kind of man, unable to give love, because his love is not love, but is gallons of lust?   Can a gay man know love?   And if he cannot give love, should he even get love or is that asking too much?

Is he the only exception to "God so loved the world"?

Is he the only exception to your love and respect?

Is he the only exception... period?


  1. i may not have a reply to all the above but i am sure that he is one of the reason to "God so loved the world"


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