So, why am I doing this...

To walk, to jump... to fly.
Photo Credit: Omar Eduardo.  Used under Creative Commons License

There are a number of reasons why I decided to start this blog:

1) There is a lot of misinformation out there about what it means to be queer, and what it means to be a queer christian, and there is even less information on what it means to be a queer orthodox christian, and there is ZERO information out there about what it means to be a queer coptic christian.  I am hoping to share my own experience to help offer another view to those who may be looking for answers or a shared experience

2) When I was younger, unfortunately, I had nobody to turn to during the time I realized I wasn't straight.  All that was available to me was what I could find on the internet, which needless to say, can be troublesome.  I was too afraid to reach out to friends, because of all the cultural brainwashing I had experienced growing up, about how shameful and wrong it was to be attracted to men, I was certain those I knew would have abandoned me.   As a result, I was steered in the wrong direction of reparative therapy in an attempt to change me, in order to conform my psyche and sexuality to that which was acceptable to the church, as well as to certain christian views and opinions about what it means to be queer.   I wish I found something like this when I was younger, an honest story from someone I could relate to.  I know there are LGBT youth and adults who are struggling with their own identity, and I wanted to let them know that they're not alone, and there are answers for them out there.

3) For those who would not classify themselves as a LGBT person, but may be the parent of a gay child, who may be the child of a gay parent, or who may be a priest, sunday school teacher, or just someone who is curious and had nothing better to do than to search for "orthodox" and "gay" in their favorite search engine: I'm writing to you as well.     I'm writing to let you know that LGBT people are humans, with the same hearts, same spirits, same desire for love, and the same desire for meaning, whether it be through spirituality or otherwise.   I'm writing to those who may be shocked, confused, intrigued, angered, or even humored by the knowledge of a loved one who is gay, to let you know that your reaction is honest, but to keep in mind, there is more to a person than what you have characterized him or her to be.  Hopefully the spirit of this journal is one that can bring about dialogue and trust.

Which leads me to:  What is this blog NOT about:

1) This blog is not intended to claim to have all the right answers.  I am not here to convince anyone of anything.  I am merely offering a perspective that is rarely discussed.

2) This journal is not intended to represent the official teachings or leadership of any church

3) As this is a sensitive subject, as with all sensitive subjects, emotions can become heightened.  Hostile language or behavior will not be tolerated in comments or postings.

Well, that was my first post, let's see what happens next...