One Man's Interpretation: Lady Gaga, Alejandro, and Redemption

A few years ago, I would have refused to listen to a song by anyone named Lady Gaga.   I think it was a spin class I went to last February, where they were blasting "Bad Romance", and the lyrics took me back a few years as Ms. Gaga described my first relationship with a man, and at that moment I forgave myself for my immaturity, and my lack of vision, while my quadriceps burned from the merciless pumping, and sweat overtook my once protective eyebrows, dancing closer to my eyeballs, teasing them with the promise of a slow and deep burn.  I found myself humming the song in the shower, and I realized, this woman can write music.

I came across, on Coptic Orthodox Liberal Thought (COLT) this interesting and absolutely brilliant interpretation of Lady Gaga's Alejandro.  It's pretty much a shot for shot look at her ability to use art and controversy to express her vision of redemption.

Lady Gaga's Alejandro: An Interpretation

If you haven't seen the video: