Share Your Story

There is too much silence in our community.  There is a silence on the issue of being gay or lesbian, that is occasionally being interrupted by less than informed lectures and discussions on the topic.   While the subject of coming out is very sensitive for various reasons of safety, family, and survival, this is our chance to fill the silence with a dose of truth and reality.  

Unfortunately, we've practiced for years how to be someone else, that sometimes we don't even know who we are, but when we break the silence, and tell our stories, we practice finding ourselves again.   If you have a story to share, you will be helping all the people out there who are looking in silence for someone to relate to, and you will be among those who are raising their voices in solidarity with them.

All submissions are welcome:

  • Coming Out:  (or inability to)
  • Relationships: The good, bad, and ugly
  • Thoughts on Spirituality
  • Anything else!
Any personal testimony submitted will be under the strictest confidence and discretion to the degree of comfort by the author.   Now's the time to speak.