The Bible and Homosexuality

There are countless studies, essays, and articles that attempt to show how modern day homosexuality would fit into God's commands as understood by scripture.   One of the things one needs to understand is the fact that homosexuality as it is discussed in the Bible, and how it was commonly practiced during the time of the Bible is completely different than what it is understood to be today.   Many people I have spoken with do not take the idea of translation from original texts to be important when it comes to understanding this issue, but I assure you, translation and context is everything.  It makes the difference between how many of us will live our lives, and what the quality of those lives will be.  

Rev. Mel White, summarizes one of these views better than I ever could, and for me it is one of the most comprehensive, logical, and contextually fair interpretation of the few scriptures that exist on the matter.  And what I love about this article, is that it frames the issue where it belongs in relation to the entirety of the Scriptures.  

Please take the time to read:

What The Bible Says - And Doesn't Say - About Homosexuality